14.06.2024 – Two new videos online from the T-Head live recordings for “Classic Killers live” – Glocksee, Hannover 1994 – filmed with our HQ Handycam that time and now edited by “Alex Scotti”.

08.06.2024 – For a few weeks now, thanks to “Alex Scotti”, there has been a little more activity in terms of THUNDERHEAD on Facebook!! – Just take a look, because it’s really exciting and fun to look at all the old and unpublished photos and videos!! – Alex also has his own channel on YouTube!

01.06.2024 – There are old recordings of Thunderhead, which were made or collected by us especially for the fan club. The first DVD contains a few video clips as well as our own video recordings in Japan, when we accompanied the band on their very first tour there in 1992. 

The other two DVDs come directly from Japan, i.e. we received these videos and had to convert them from NTSC to PAL colour system before we could digitize them. For this reason, the quality of these recordings is no longer the best. – Many thanks to all the fans and friends who provided us with these recordings!! – Domo arigato!! 

If you are interested in these DVDs, please contact us via email at tina@thunderhead-headquarters.de

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